Alfa Romeo baby SUV to launch next year


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New Alfa Romeo crossover targets new market segments and will be the brand’s smallest car.

Alfa Romeo’s first electric car will be launched next year as a Jeep Avenger-twinned compact crossover that aims to give the Italian brand a foothold in one of the most fiercely contested emerging segments of the market.

Denying reports that it will be called the “Brenner”, Alfa Romeo says the name is still open as it posts the first social teaser of the model.

“Alfa Romeo management have made it clear it will not be called “Brenner”, as has been widely vaunted online. Does this suggest a change of direction in the communication strategy? What will the name of the next Alfa Romeo Sport Urban Vehicle be? Have your say and click here.”

The new car will spearhead Alfa Romeo’s goal of attracting new buyers to the marque, especially families and females, as it looks to move away from being seen as just a “sporty brand” favoured by middle-aged men.

It will be the smallest Alfa launched since the Mito bowed out in 2018 and it is also likely to be the cheapest.

The compact crossover will launch in Europe in June of next year. It is expected to use the new STLA Small platform and, like the Avenger, it will offer a range of up to 400km.

The model will also be available with a mild-hybrid petrol engine. It’s not yet confirmed if this petrol option will be limited to overseas markets, as is the case with the technically related Avenger. Either way, the Alfa crossover will be offered as a solely electric model when the brand goes EV-only from 2027.

Using hardware and technology from elsewhere in Stellantis is key to turning a profit, which is why the car will share its underpinnings with the Avenger.

For the electric variant, power is expected to be drawn from the same 54kWh battery that powers the Jeep and sent to the front wheels via a single, 115kW/260Nm electric motor.

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