Audi Advantage extends warranty and more


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Audi Advantage program extends capped-price servicing, roadside assist, and manufacturer warranty.

Audi Australia has launched a pre-pay extended warranty which allows buyers and current owners to purchase two-year packages to extend their servicing, warranty, and roadside assistance up to a maximum of 10 years.

“In designing this program, we wanted to ensure that Audi owners are the envy of the Australian premium market, said Paul Sansom, Audi Director and Group Managing Director of Volkswagen Group Australia.

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The offer is available to both new customers and existing customers with vehicles under 8 years old and that have travelled under 120,000km. New vehicle buyers can purchase the two-year extensions back-to-back at the time of purchase, which extends the manufacturer warranty beyond the current 5-year timeframe.

The extended warranty is transferable when the vehicle is sold, although the Audi Advantage program is not yet available for the electric e-tron range of vehicles.

“Not only did we want to provide a program that gives our owners complete confidence in their vehicle for an extended period of time, but one that also secures the value of their investment, should they decide to trade-up to a newer model in the future,” said Sansom.

“We believe the Audi Advantage program provides the ultimate in peace-of-mind for premium vehicle owners in Australia.”

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Existing vehicles which are under 120,000km and 8 years of age are also subject to a few prerequisites: vehicles need to have a complete service history carried out to the manufacturer’s specifications (not necessarily by an Audi service centre), and must also pass a 115-point inspection, carried out by an authorised Audi service centre. This is the same inspection that qualifies Audi vehicles for the Approved Plus pre-owned sales program.

Audi has also extended its Audi Approved :plus program to pre-owned vehicles that now come with a minimum of two years servicing, warranty and roadside assistance. As with new vehicles, customers are able to buy the Audi Advantage two-year programs back-to-back at the time of purchase, to extend the warranty.

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“We believe the Audi Approved :plus program is the most comprehensive certified pre-owned offer in the Australian market,” said Sansom.

“At a time when the prices of pre-owned vehicles are as high as they have been right across the market, we believe the Audi Approved :plus program places our owners in the best possible position to maintain the value of their investment.”

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