Yousuf Ashraf

Upcoming Ferrari hypercar could downsize to a V6

The next Ferrari hypercar will bring the firm’s motorsport and road car programs closer than ever, potentially through a V6 hybrid powertrain.

Alfa Romeo leaves Formula 1 as Audi prepares for 2026

After a six-year alliance with Sauber Motorsport, Alfa Romeo has confirmed that the weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was its last.

UK cracks down even harder on loud exhausts

Following 'exhaust cameras', the UK now finds it illegal for some aftermarket ‘pop and bang’ exhausts to be fitted.

Pagani Imola Roadster breaks cover

The Huayra-based Imola is Pagani’s most extreme road car yet, and it’s now available without a roof – and more power.

Hennessey builds Challenger and Charger ‘Last Stand’ editions

As Dodge’s 6.2-litre Hemi V8 nears the end of its life, Hennessey has squeezed 745kW from it to produce the Challenger and Charger ‘Last Stand’ editions.

Guinness World Record for Rimac Nevera is backwards

The Rimac Nevera is faster going backwards than a Honda Civic Type R going forwards.