Car Advice

Car Advice

What exactly is WLTP and RDE emissions testing?

The latest WLTP tests mean higher on-paper fuel economy, higher emissions, and revamped model ranges. Significant changes to new car emissions and fuel economy testing...

The difference between hybrid, PHEV and EV explained

With incentives for EVs and PHEVs, and ever-strong sales of hybrids, car buyers have plenty of new options to choose from. We explain what the difference is and why you may want one over the other.

How to store a car long term

There are many considerations when storing a car long-term. Here are all of our expert tips on what to do (and not do) to keep your car healthy when storing it for a long time.

How to remove scratches from car paint

There's nothing worse than a scratch in your car's paint to get you down. Good news is that there's ways to DIY them away.

How to change a flat tyre on a car

Need to change a tyre by the side of the road? Our online guide is here to help you get safely back on the road.

Tesla Supercharger and Destination Chargers explained

Tesla's Supercharger network has earned a lot of headlines, but what exactly is it and how's it different to a destination charger?