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First details emerge of the architecture that will underpin Jaguar’s all-new, all-electric line-up from 2025.

Jaguar’s new electric vehicle platform will be called Panthera and will be built in-house, the company has said, giving new details of its shift to an all-electric line-up from 2025 under Jaguar Land Rover’s Reimagine plan.

JLR CEO Thierry Bolloré initially said the company would look outside the company for a platform suitable enough to underpin a range of upmarket electric Jaguars, but JLR is now working on an internal platform, Bolloré told investors in a call on Monday.

Bollore said that JLR cars, including Jaguars, needed a platform that combined design proportions and capabilities not offered by other car makers, citing both the MLA High platform underpinning the new Range Rover and the future EMA platform for smaller Land Rovers.

“Concerning the new Jaguar, we are making unique proportion a priority, that’s the reason why at the moment we do it by ourselves,” Bollore said.

The new platform will be called Panthera, chief financial officer Adrian Mardell said on the call. Panthera is the scientific name for the genus of big cats that includes jaguars, tigers, lions and leopards.

JLR decision to go it alone on the Jaguar platform rather than save money on development by buying in a platform is likely to be related to JLR’s chief designer Gerry McGovern’s requirement that the cars should look unique as the company takes the brand more towards Bentley territory in terms of pricing.

On the investor call Bollore said JLR was looking at “significantly” commonalising elements across all future JLR platform as it moves to a lower-volume, higher-value future. “The new control points, the batteries, the electric motors, the software – on-board, off-board – all that is creating real scale,” he said.

“The proportions are crucial to get what we want from Jaguar,” said Bolloré in an interview last year. “The platform is a consequence of proportions we’ve decided on. They’re absolutely bespoke.”

Nick Gibbs

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