Energica Experia has world’s largest electric bike battery



The new e-motorbike arrives with a 22.5kWh battery with 420km range.

Italian electric motorbike firm Energica, which specialises in supersport machines, has unveiled a new Experia Green Tourer – which it claims has the largest battery capacity of any electric motorbike.

Based in Modena in the heart of Italy’s ‘motor valley’, Energica currently offers a range of sports electric motorbikes including the entry-level Eva EsseEsse9, the Eva Ribelle and its sports equivalent, the 126kW Ego.

The Experia Green Tourer is a new design that is built from the ground-up. It features a reengineered motor and a new frame and chassis design, all of which has been done to reduce weight.


The battery uses revised chemistry and has a capacity of 22.5kWh, far larger than most electric motorbikes. That gives it a claimed city range of 420km, which drops to 210km in extra-urban routes which are faster.

Charging can be done through a DC fast charger at a rate of 24kW allowing for a 0 to 80 per cent charge in just 40 minutes.

The Experia has a peak power output of 75kW and can achieve a top speed of 200km/h.

In keeping with the tourer style, Energica has given the new bike a top box and panniers which have a total capacity of 112 litres.

The e-motorbike also has two USB ports in the dash, while two more can be found on a lockable waterproof storage compartment.

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