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Why did Ford remove the Fiesta ST’s Recaro seats and why the raised nose? We interview Liviu Tudoran, the 2022 Fiesta designer, to find out.

Q: What were you looking to achieve with the Fiesta’s updated front end, is this Ford’s new family face?

A: Yes it is. Normally with facelifts you try to bring the car up to date with new fascia, but for the new Fiesta, we were able to go further with a new bonnet that raises the nose by 15mm or so.

There’s now a lot more content at the front; the grille is wider, we’ve moved the Ford badge down, and there’s contrast between gloss and matte finishes in the lower grilles. We also added a front splitter embossed with ‘Ford Performance’ close to the end of the programme.

Q: You mentioned that the nose of the car has been raised slightly, is that for improved pedestrian safety, or was it a purely design-driven decision?

A: No, it’s purely for styling. We felt that the bonnet was previously too flat, and by increasing its height, we’ve improved the low, wedge-shaped nose of the old car. We’ve also aligned the shutline of the bonnet with the beltline of the car, to give a more consistent look.

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We also added extra creases in the bonnet; the old car had a single line, which we felt was ‘twisting’, and the extra lines solve this.

Q: The overall look of the car isn’t a huge departure from the previous model, and it looks like a key aim of the facelift was to tighten up the details. Talk us through some of those.

Ford Fiesta facelift 2021 3

Yes, we focussed a lot on fixing the small details. So there are elements like additional creases on the lower front bumper, which can be much sharper thanks to plastic injection moulding.

We also paid a lot of attention to the front parking sensors, to make sure they integrate seamlessly with the lower grille. The undercut on the lower grilles gives a more three-dimensional look, and catches more shadows.

Onto the interior, the ST isn’t fitted with Recaro seats anymore. Why the change?

You’re right, the Recaro seats have been replaced with in-house Ford designed seats. I owned the previous generation Fiesta ST with Recaro seats, and I must say, I sat in this car and the new seats feel better.

The ST also has a new digital gauge cluster, like the Ford Puma.

Ford Fiesta ST 2022 2

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