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VW ID5 Reveal interview

The product manager of the new Volkswagen ID.5, Peter Kohorst, talks about how it will be differentiated to the ID.4 and the steps VW are taking to lower the environmental footprint.

The new Volkswagen ID.5 SUV has now been revealed. It’s a coupe version of the Volkswagen ID.4 but won’t come with that car’s entry-level battery option, so it’ll have a higher starting price. Volkswagen is aiming the new model at cars like the Kia EV6, Ford Mustang Mach-E and Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron.

Like the Volkswagen ID.3 hatchback, each ID.5 will be carbon-neutral, meaning VW offsets the carbon dioxide emissions created during the production process.

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Q&A with Peter Kohorst

Product Manager for the Volkswagen ID.5

Q: How will Volkswagen position the ID.5 in comparison with the ID.4?

A: “Well, it’s the top positioning regarding the ID. portfolio. And we’ve implemented a higher quality as standard for the interior in comparison to the ID.4.”

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Q: What’s the price difference between the ID.5 and the ID.4?

A: “We are still working that out, but it will be a little higher than the ID.4. But you have to take into account that the ID.5 is only available with the big battery – 77kWh instead of the 52kWh battery [in the entry-level ID.4], which lowers the price-point.

“So if you compare prices in the future, you have to compare with the ID.4 Pro Performance, which also gets 77kWh power. But it will be positioned a bit higher. The price is not yet fixed, but we expect it’ll be €2,000–€3,000 (AUD$3000-$4500) more.”

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Q: A big part of Volkswagen’s aim for the ID.5 is for every car to reach the customer carbon neutral. Could you talk us through that process?

A: “We are trying to focus and even erase the engagement we’re doing in the environmental situation. We analysed how much CO2 was created in the production of the car and battery, and we support projects [that offset] the same amount that we use for the production.

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“We also collaborate with energy companies that only offer energy in a CO2-neutral way, like solar and wind. And we have some plants which are powered by wind energy.

“The customer is also able to use the car in a CO2-neutral way. In Europe we have a daughter company, you could say, called Elli which provides you with a wallbox for your home, but also with energy that’s completely CO2-neutral.”

Q: Has there been a call from the consumer for Volkswagen to produce its cars in a more sustainable manner? Or is it just a challenge the company has assumed?

A: “I think it’s both. For sure, more and more customers are aware of environmental damages and climate change and are asking for solutions. But also, we as a company want to raise the engagement and make the right products, while always bearing in mind that climate change has to be stopped. Mobility should be environmentally friendly.”

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