McMurtry Speirling breaks Goodwood hillclimb record

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mcmurtry speirling in front of goodwood house

McMurtry’s tiny electric rocket ship gets to the Goodwood finish line in just 39.08 seconds.

British motorsport outfit McMurtry Automotive has smashed the record Goodwood Hillclimb time with its outlandish ground-effect Speirling EV.

The tiny single-seater – which uses an innovative underbody fan to maximise downforce – was 0.8 seconds quicker up the hill than the previous record holder, Volkswagen’s ID R EV racer, stopping the clock at a blistering 39.08 seconds.

Ex-Marussia F1 driver Max Chilton was at the wheel for the record run (which you can watch above), during the official Sunday afternoon timed shoot-out. He had earlier gone up the hill in 39.14 seconds, so had already beaten the ID R.

McMurtry announced it was going for the record time last week with the super-lightweight machine, which measures just 3200mm long and – crucially – 1500mm wide, which gives it an edge on the tight Goodwood course over more potent but wider rivals.

mcmurtry speirling max chilton 0

Ultimately, the Spéirling was roughly six seconds quicker up the hill than the 1471kW Ford Supervan 4, 800kW Porsche GT4 E-Performance, and even a 1993 Jaguar XJR-12D Le Mans prototype.

McMurtry has yet to provide full technical details of the Spéirling, but says it packs 745kW and weighs less than 1000kg, giving a power-to-weight ratio 40 per cent better than that of even the Bugatti Chiron. As a result, it is claimed to rocket from 0-300km/h in just 9.0 seconds.

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