Mitsubishi goes to 10-year warranty, sort of

Mitsubishi Australia rolls out a huge ten-year warranty…but you won’t be covered unless you tick all of the required boxes.

Mitsubishi Australia has announced a ten year/200,000km warranty on all new Mitsubishi models. Effective from October 1, 2020, every Mitsubishi vehicle sold in Australia will have a ten-year warranty, but it’s on the proviso that the customer services their vehicle at a Mitsubishi dealership. This forms part of the new Diamond Advantage Program.

The Diamond Advantage Program has three components:

  • 10-year/ 200,000km new car warranty. If owners do not service with a Mitsubishi dealer, they will still be covered by Mitsubishi’s 5-year/100,000km warranty.
  • 10 year/150,000km capped price servicing, and;
  • Four year roadside assistance, if they service with an authorised Mitsubishi Dealer.

“This new 10-year extended warranty puts owners in control. Every Mitsubishi already has at least a 5-year warranty. Now, with our 10-year Diamond Advantage program, owners that complete their scheduled capped-price services with an authorised Mitsubishi Dealer will enjoy a 10-year warranty, 10-year capped price servicing and up to 4 years of roadside assistance,” said Mitsubishi Motors’ Director of Marketing and Operations, Rob Nazzari.

In its media statement today, Mitsubishi listed limitations of the leading Australia new car warranty program. As such, does not better seven-year warranties that do not require the vehicle to be serviced at manufacturer dealerships.


  • The Mitsubishi Australia warranty is 10 years/200,000km.
  • The warranty is available to private buyers and small businesses (<5 vehicles) on all vehicles across the Mitsubishi range.
  • Every Mitsubishi Motors vehicle is already covered by the 5-year/100,000km warranty. If owners do not service with a Mitsubishi Dealer, then they will be covered by this standard warranty.
  • PHEV Traction Batteries are covered separately by an 8 year/ 160,000km warranty.
  • Genuine Accessories are covered by the new vehicle warranty (standard and extended if applicable when fitted by a Mitsubishi Dealer. Or, 12-months/ 20,000 km from fitment, whichever is greater. Some exclusions apply.
  • The average Mitsubishi customer retains their vehicle for more than 7 years.
  • If the warranty is maintained, then this will be transferred to the new owner upon re-sale.

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