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New Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series to arrive in Australian dealerships early October.

Toyota has communicated to dealers that the wholesale date release for new LandCruiser 300 Series stock is October 4 this year.

The information we’ve been given from dealership sources confirms earlier speculation that October was firming as the month the new generation four-wheel drive would hit showrooms. The rumour spawned from a social post suggesting “Landcruiser coming October 2021′ and, as we understand, it is a certainty that some buyers can expect to take ownership of their new 300 Series in early October. Our sources say that Toyota communicated wholesale dates last week and to expect stock arriving around the first week of October.

toyota landcruiser 300 series

Unsurprisingly, we also hear that there was hesitation from buyers toward the end of the 200 Series sell-out, and it all hovers around the introduction of the new twin turbo diesel V6 and the subsequent axing of the popular twin turbo V8 oiler. The new V6 engine is smaller in capacity at 3.3-litres but produces higher outputs of 227kW and 700Nm through a ten-speed auto. Despite the initial hesitation, we’ve been told that buyers would now be lucky to get their hands on the first batch of ‘Cruisers due to surging demand since the big T officially revealed the new model, many putting money down already and with both the VX and Sahara popular picks despite six-figure price tags before on-road costs.

Toyota’s early confirmation of it axing the V8 might have been its best trick to help transition to the 300 Series as many V8 loyalists bought the remaining old stock, leaving new buyers who are looking for technology and the latest look to come in over the old donk.

Alex Rae

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