Singer 930 Turbo Study Convertible revealed


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Porsche restomodder Singer has revealed its first full convertible 911 model with all-wheel drive and up to 385kW of power.

Singer has revealed a new option for its 930 Turbo Study, offering customers a convertible bodystyle that is also the first full open-top Singer model after its original Targa models. Like the coupe 930 Turbo Study, the Cabriolet finds its basis in a 964-generation Porsche 911, but is extensively modified to the Turbo Study’s full specification, including its available all-wheel-drive system.

As with all Singers, the underlying steel chassis of the 964 is retained, but reskinned in a full carbonfibre body, including all panels except the doorskins. This brings substantial upgrades to the body’s overall stiffness through modern carbonfibre struts and support panels, although Singer hasn’t mentioned if there are any new elements specific to the open-top variant.

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The Coupe’s Turbo-inspired styling is also retained, highlighted by the whale-tail rear wing and bespoke bumpers that channel the look of an original 930 Turbo’s impact bumper, but with a far more sophisticated and contemporary finish. Singer’s renders show the convertible in a new red finish, with a ‘70s-inspired interior fabric finish to the new seats.

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As with the coupe, the engine is an evolution of the iconic air-cooled Mezger flat-six that comes with a 3.8-litre capacity and twin turbochargers. Unlike the original, it’s been updated with elements such as an electronic wastegate, but it fundamentally borrows the character of a 911 Turbo from the 964 period. Peak power is up to the customer, but the engine is available with a base tune of 335kW, with 380kW also available.

This is sent through a six-speed manual gearbox, and owners will have the choice of specifying either rear- or all-wheel drive, creating two quite distinct options in terms of the power delivery. Regardless of the number of driven wheels, the Turbo Study comes with a more laid-back grand-tourer set-up than Singer’s more track-focused DLS, but can be sharpened up at the request of its customer.

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As standard, the Turbo Study uses a cast-iron brake package, but carbon-ceramics are an option. A bespoke traction control and ABS system is featured, but recalibrated to suit the Turbo Study’s specific setup in both coupe and Cabriolet forms.

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