BMW i4 EV’s “benchmark” handling detailed in new video

German firm's 390Nm 4 Series-based EV enters final phase of testing

2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost Review

Latest Ghost builds on its predecessor’s abilities thanks to a new platform and even more advanced technology. While the Phantom remains the ultimate luxury car...

New Electric Renault 5 to be built in same French factory as original

The new Renault 5 EV is set to be produced at the firm’s factory in northern France, where the original version was built.

All the Presidential cars: the amazing limos that carry the world’s leaders

World leaders have a range of unique cars - we look at the best presidential cars out there including Joe Biden's Cadillac

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EV conversion for the original Mini now available

Owners can now replace their original Mini engine with a 70kg electric system from AUD$16,000

2020 MINI Electric review

The new Mini Electric aims to bring emotion to electric vehicles. Does the battery-powered variant remain true to its nameplate’s heritage?

11,000 Minis: Big milestone for small Mini Electric

Mini has produced 11,000 Mini Electric EV...

Facelift already in store for Mini Electric

2021 Mini Electric looks set to gain...

Mini Electric pricing for Australia revealed

Mini’s first electric car will land in...