New MINI Minor, EV hot hatch and larger SUV planned

Brand’s EV reinvention includes a smaller hatch, larger Countryman and new MPV, as brand turns electric only

Why BMW has changed its mind on EV platforms

The German firm has rowed back on its early snubbing of EV 'skateboard' architecture

The featherweight battery that could revolutionise EVs

Scientists believe that massless energy storage, whereby the car’s body acts as a battery, could reduce the weight of an EV by 50%

Celebrating 20 years of the BMW MINI

We look back on the past two decades of the brand

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GM sign deal to build Nikola Badger EV pick-ups

All-new US truck brand partners with GM...

Nikola Motor Badger ute confirmed for Australia

Nikola Motor will launch its debut electric hydrogen ute in the USA and Australia.