Semiconductor crisis: impact by brand

Chip shortage “a whole automotive industry challenge,” says Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta

New Maserati MC20 2021 review

The new Maserati MC20 is the famous Italian brand’s welcome return to supercar market

MG 6 XPower revives brands performance badge

Chinese-market 6 gets widened arches and a large rear spoiler to go with a likely power hike

Abarth 1000SP racer reborn with 179kW Alfa Romeo engine

Retro-styled two-seat concept was designed with emphasis on lightness; takes its engine from 4C

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VW’s new sales model: buy the car, then buy the extras

The concept of paying to unlock features already built into the car will be anathema to many, but there could be benefits to buyers

VW’s robust health should inspire the car world

The firm cashed impressive profits given Covid-19 and is investing in all the right places

VW ‘We Score’ football infotainment app released

New We Score app allows Volkswagen Golf owners to keep tabs on their favoured team while driving

2021 Volkswagen Golf R Drive Review

Seriously impressive, and impressively serious. The fifth Golf R can do things its predecessor couldn’t, but you’ll pay for the privilege

Volkswagen adds bike rack option for electric ID.3

The Volkswagen ID.3’s options list expands with...