Understanding tyres are a serious financial investment

Finally, a premium workshop that understands tyres are a serious financial investment. MK Motorsports delivers a service to match your high-performance or luxury car.

For a non-enthusiast, tyres are a grudge purchase. You eke out every last kilometre then seek out the cheapest rubber to be fitted in a hurry in some busy, grimy and far-flung workshop. Anything to save a buck. Enthusiasts, on the other hand, understand the value of a set of tyres so they are often willing to pay for quality.

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If you fall into the latter category, I bet the grimy, busy workshop fills you with dread. Every scrape of metal or shattering clang as a wheel drops to the concrete is a dagger. Are you really going to entrust your pride and joy (and expensive alloys) to such an environment? evo Australia’s Fast Fleet Renault Sport Megane R26 F1 Team isn’t a concours winner but for a 12-year-old hot hatch, it’s in very good condition. And its keeper, evo Australia director, Matthew O’Malley, is nothing if not fastidious. So, it was with some comfort that when he dropped his Megane to MK Motorsports, his most recent addition to his personal fleet found itself in company with a BMW M4, a Mercedes-AMG GT S and a tastefully modified Honda S2000.

“certain tyres cost luxury watch money, so the experience should match.”

According to O’Malley, MK Motorsports, located in the Melbourne suburb of Clayton, “feels more like a watch boutique than a tyre workshop.” And as Matt also puts out, “certain tyres cost luxury watch money, so the experience should match.” The dream of owner Micky Kapoor, MK Motorsports exclusively fits Michelin tyres, but also offers a range of high-quality aftermarket wheels including RAYS Engineering, KW Suspension and Akrapovic exhausts. The business is clearly a passion for Kapoor and the result of 15 years of work.

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Unlike a typical tyre workshop, MK Motorsports is surgically clean and quiet–both the front of house and the workshop area. The reception area feels more like a business class lounge at the airport and there are no dog-eared and grease-covered 10-year-old magazines to flick through while you wait.

There was a sense of calm and care as the technicians went about the business of fitting Matt’s Megane with a set of 235/40 ZR18 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres. Once the tyres were mounted and balanced, the Megane was then subjected to an extensive series of checks and balances to ensure everything was aligned in order to get the best from the sporty chassis and new Michelin rubber. According to O’Malley, the Megane is utterly transformed and remains so even after nearly 6000km have passed beneath the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 rubber.Given the way O’Malley racks up kilometres in his cars (circa 30,000km in the last 12 months), we’re pretty sure that MK Motorsports has found a return customer.

MK Motorsports / (03) 8513 0766

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