2021 Ford GT to gain new colours and graphics

Ford has announced an all-new graphics package with customisable colours for its 2021 GT supercar, previewing the updates in a recent tweet.

A GIF posted to the company’s Twitter account suggests that the new package will include at least three new exterior colours (dark red, blue and white), although it is possible that Ford will soon reveal more in due course.

In addition, the new package appears to replace the current GT’s iconic twin-stripe graphic with a single line, while the intakes for the mid-mounted V6 engine gain a new graphic. The side-mirror caps sport a contrasting colour option, too.

Ford said the options highlight “features that help deliver all 660 horsepower (492kW) during the most strenuous track sessions”.

Ford recently updated its iconic GT model with increased power, additional standard features and subtle mechanical tweaks inspired by the track-only MkII launched last year.

In its 2020 guise, the GT cooks up 485kW, an increase of 10kW over the previous version, with the addition of higher-energy ignition coils, a new type of ‘gallery-cooled’ piston design helping the engine better deal with high temperatures and a new buttress shape at the rear designed to improve airflow.

While there’s no word yet on how much this new package will cost, expect it to command a premium above the standard 2020 car’s $500,000 (AUD$720,000) price.

Sadly, as all Ford GT’s are only made in left-hand-drive and are not easily converted they’re not currently eligible for registration in Australia and New Zealand.

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