Car News

Car News

Rodin Cars FZero Prototype lights up the track

The FZERO rolling onto the brand’s own test track represents a huge milestone not only for the FZERO project but also for Rodin Cars as a whole.

“Lexus has taken a long and tough road to become an elite premium car brand”

Steve Fowler thinks a lot of brands could learn from Lexus as they try to crack the premium end of the market.

Ken Block’s Electrikhana Two video released

The new Electrikhana Two video was filmed in November 2022, less than two months before Ken Block’s death.

Intriguing electric Honda concept coming to CES 2024

We’re about to be given a glimpse of Honda’s future by an upcoming concept model.

Audi Q6 e-tron Sportback die in 2024

The long-awaited Audi Q6 e-tron has been spotted in sleeker Sportback form for the first time.

Morgan XP-1 revealed as electric concept

One of Britain’s most traditional sports car manufacturers is looking ahead with its EV development.