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Rakish new Volkswagen Taigo crossover, which shares a platform with the Polo and T-Cross, will go on sale for some right-hand drive markets this year but Australia is not one of them.

Volkswagen’s first European-market SUV-coupe is the Taigo, a rakish-roofed crossover that’s closely related to the Polo and the T-Cross.

The Taigo has been on sale for a year already as the Nivus in South America, and it arrives in the UK in right-hand drive looking mostly the same, save for a series of tweaks aimed at bringing it into line with the brand’s line-up here.

European-market models will be built at Pamplona in Spain, alongside its MQB-A0 platform-sharing siblings, but Volkswagen Australia says that there is no plan for the model to arrive here.

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At 4266mm long, 1494mm tall and 1757mm wide, the Taigo is comparable in size to the big-selling Nissan Juke, while its 2566mm wheelbase almost exactly matches that of the Polo and T-Cross.

With a seats-up boot capacity of 438 litres, luggage space is barely diminished compared with the straighter-backed T-Cross.

The Taigo is positioned as a “trendy crossover” with a “powerful, sporty appearance”. Key differentiators over the T-Cross include a roofline that slopes down towards a subtle spoiler at the rear, a new look front end with standard-fit LED headlights, contrasting wheel-arch trim and an extended rear overhang.

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Inside, the Taigo bears a strong resemblance to the T-Cross and recently updated Polo. Standard kit includes a multifunction steering wheel, a central touchscreen with Volkswagen’s latest ‘MIB3’ infotainment software and an all-digital gauge cluster.

Touch-sensitive climate controls – as fitted to the Golf, Tiguan and ID 3 – are an option, as is the IQ.Drive package, which brings a raft of driver aids, including predictive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance, in addition to those fitted as standard.

The Taigo is exclusively front-driven and petrol-powered. Two engines are available from launch: a turbocharged three-pot producing either 70kW or 81kW and a four-cylinder that makes 110kW.

Depending on the engine specified, the Taigo comes with a five-speed or six-speed manual gearbox or a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic (DSG).

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