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Citroen has eliminated combustion power for its Berlingo and SpaceTourer people-carriers.

In its bid to become a fully electric marque, Citroen has axed petrol and diesel power from its Berlingo and SpaceTourer MPVs, leaving the electric e-Berlingo and e-SpaceTourer as the sole options in the range. Both vehicles are not offered locally, leaving the Australian line-up unaffected.

All e-Berlingos are equipped with a 100kW electric motor, driving the front wheels alone and powered by a 50kWh battery pack. This provides a range of 280km on the WLTP cycle, and the battery can be charged to 80 per cent in 30 minutes at a 100kW charging station. In long-wheelbase guise the e-Berlingo can carry seven passengers, and offers a maximum of 4000 litres of carrying space with the seats folded.

The larger e-SpaceTourer electric model receives the same 100kW electric motor and 50kWh battery as the e-Berlingo. The extra weight of the e-SpaceTourer means that range decreases to 230km, but the larger MPV can carry nine passengers instead of seven.

The fully-electric e-Berlingo and e-SpaceTourer line-ups facilitate Citroen’s transition to a fully electric brand, alongside the AMI city car, e-C4 and commercial EVs such as the e-Dispatch and e-Relay.

Yousuf Ashraf

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