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Alpine has launched the GTA Concept, a virtual car design that will be offered with five different liveries exclusively as collectible non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The GTA Concept has been developed by the Groupe Renault performance marque and has a design based on the A110 sports car.

Designer Arseny Kostromin, who has worked directly for Alpine, has developed five special liveries, including one based on the the Alpine Formula 1 team’s livery.

A single digital artwork will be created of each car in the form of an NFT, which will be available for purchase in an online auction that will run from 3-5 November.

01 alpine crypto1NFTs are essentially unique units of data that are stored on a blockchain – essentially an unalterable digital ledger – that allows for their ownership to be certified. That means that each NFT can be exclusively owned by a party, even if the image contained within it is freely available on the internet.

NFTs have so far been popular with the sports collectible and art markets, but the GTA Concept marks the first time that a car firm has offered one.

01 alpine crypto4The GTA Concept has been created with the help of Nfast, an NFT hypercar designer, and Animoca Brands, which runs Revv Racing, a blockchain-based racing game.

The five owners of the GTA Concept models will be able to virtually drive their machines exclusively in that game.

01 alpine crypto3Cédric Journel, Alpine’s sales boss, said that the idea of the NFTs is to offer “a field of artistic expression to the designers of Alpine Cars and the Alpine F1 Team and show our appreciation for the work of independent designers who love our brand.”

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