Foxconn’s ‘first car’ revealed with Luxgen n7


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Luxgen has revealed the n7 EV which has been designed and developed in partnership with Foxconn.

The new Luxgen n7 is the first car designed and developed in partnership with Foxtron, the newly formed automotive division of Taiwanese electronics-manufacturing giant Foxconn.

Previewed by the Foxtron Model C concept revealed last November, the electric seven-seat crossover is set to go on sale in Taiwan in October. Pre-orders for the model have already opened with over 5000 taken, and crashing the brand’s website.

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Exports of the model are planned, according to Luxgen officials, although details of planned markets and possible delivery dates haven’t yet been made public.

The styling of the n7 is heavily influenced by the Model C concept, which was designed in partnership with Pininfarina.

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The production car retains the same basic silhouette but receives new detailing, including lightly restyled front and rear ends.

Luxgen is also holding back on providing technical specifications to the n7 until closer to its planned Taiwanese market introduction.

Earlier information provided by Foxtron revealed that the Model C measures 4640mm in length and boast a wheelbase of 2860mm. Similar dimensions are expected for the n7.

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The basis for the new crossover is Foxtron’s open-source MIH platform for EVs. This supports a number of different driveline layouts, including single-motor/rear-wheel drive and dual-motor/four-wheel drive.

The battery of the n7 is integrated wholly within a skateboard-style chassis.

Luxgen is a subsidiary of Yulon Motor, Taiwan’s largest car maker.

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