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HKS Toyota GR 86 11The Toyota GR 86 was revealed earlier this year as a replacement for the much-loved GT86, and while it has gone some way to answer a desire for more grunt with its bigger capacity engine, Japanese tuner HKS has wasted no time getting together a tuning package to take things a little further.

Toyota took this first step by fitting the new GR 86 with a larger Subaru-sourced 2.4-litre flat-four engine, replacing the previous 2.0-litre. Power output now sits at 170kW and 250Nm in standard form, providing a quoted 6.3sec 0-100km/h time.

To build on this, HKS has announced it is developing a bespoke supercharger kit for the model, and although final figures are still under wraps, it will likely come close to the 224kW mark. This compares to the previous GT2 supercharger kit available on the previous GT86, which delivered an additional 52kW. Pricing will come in due course, however the existing GT86 upgrade costs around $8200, by comparison.

HKS Toyota GR 86 4HKS has also engineered a lighter and less restrictive ‘Hi-Power SPEC-L II’ exhaust system, along with Hipermax S coilovers, tweaks to the oil cooling system, an entirely new ECU, uprated clutch and an aerodynamics kit. The latter is promised to be functional, with a rear wing, front canards, new side sills and a splitter.

HKS Toyota GR 86 9The concept pictured has also been fitted with a set of TE37-style Advan Racing wheels, Bride bucket seats and a large Tesla Model 3-esque infotainment screen in the centre of the dashboard, but these aren’t expected to be part of HKS’s upgrade package.

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