Performance-oriented Peugeot Sport Engineered models

In a recent interview with Automotive Daily’s exclusive partner Auto Express, Imparto stated “With each and every car, starting with 508, I’m aiming to put as an umbrella a performance/sporting version of the car. We will launch at the beginning of 2021 with the 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered to send a message to the market.”

This is expected to be followed by PSE versions of both the new 208 and next generation 308 due to be revealed in March this year. Imparto also confirmed that Peugeot plans on releasing one all-new model every year beyond 2021, and begin expanding the range beyond 2023 – each, as mentioned, with an electrified PSE flagship model.

The technology being developed for this focus on electrified performance models will be underpinned by Peugeot Sport’s commitment to top-level endurance racing in the new LMDh class, a series which will see an active use of the technology in top-tier motorsport.

While the decision to move towards an electrified range of performance cars will obviously have a beneficial impact on Peugeot’s perceived image, this decision will also counter the limitations being imposed on high performance models in its home market. As of this year, new tax laws were introduced that essentially price-out high performance pure combustion based on their CO2 output.

Jordan Katsianis

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