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Renault has previewed some interior highlights after the model was pictured under a series of coloured lights.

The new Renault Austral will be fully revealed on 8 March and the French car maker has released a series of images previewing key features of the model’s interior.

The images offer the first look at the Austral’s interior and focus on high-quality materials in what Renault has called “an elegantly modern cocoon.”

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One of the images shows a section of the dashboard which features a matte, soft-touch finish. Renault says wood has been used throughout, partnered with chrome trim.

Another previews the front and rear door panels, featuring chrome inserts. A third image highlights the Austral’s ‘smart hand rest,’ which can be slid forwards and backwards.


“To achieve the desired level of quality on the All-new Renault Austral, we made no compromise when it came to choosing materials and quality workmanship, much like the open-pore wood finish found on the Iconic level trim,” said François Farion, Renault’s head of colour and trim.

2022 all new renault austral 2

Renault recently presented the new Austral with a series of low-lit images, showcasing the car’s “elegant and muscular” silhouette ahead of its unveiling later this year.

The Kadjar replacement was presented in front of a selection of different coloured lights. Few details are given away apart from the front and rear lights and a roof-mounted spoiler.

Renault says the SUV’s rear lights merge into the Renault logo, while its body uses the same micro-optic plexiglass technology first seen on the new Mégane E-Tech Electric, featuring engravings and patterns visible under LED light.


The Austral will represent the beginning of the firm’s new design language with more dynamic lines and improvements to common design elements seen on SUVs on sale today, describing the Austral as “robust as well as agile”.

2022 all new renault austral

“The Austral combines strong stylistic elements that give it a dynamic and elegant design. Its quality is visible at first glance,” said Renault design director Gilles Vidal. “We’ve reduced the bodywork gaps, refined the flushes so that it develops an immediate high-quality feeling.”

The Austral entered the final stages of its development earlier this month, when Renault gave the public the clearest view of its final production design so far.

renault austral suv rendering

The car, which gets a new look, an overhauled interior and revamped powertrains, was pictured in an eye-catching livery with line-distorting shapes, colours and the newly updated Renault logo.


The model will be fully revealed at 6:30pm on Tuesday 8 March and it will arrive in Australia next year.

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