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Volkswagen is now offering new modular camping accessory units for the Caravelle, California and Caddy.

Volkswagen has introduced new modular, mini-mobile camping units for the Caravelle, California Beach Tour and Caddy ranges, providing a kitchen area, bed, water supply and extra storage space that the manufacturer has named a ’mobile home in a box’.

With a rise in demand for camping equipment, Volkswagen is offering a range of units that fit into existing luggage areas and help to make life on the road a little easier to manage. For now, they have been shown for European customers.

Designed to provide extra flexibility for owners, the kitchen can be set-up and ready for cooking in a few seconds, while the bed unfolds in a single movement.

Volkswagen camping box 2

The top-of-the-range BusBox is compatible with the Volkswagen Caravelle T5, T6 and T6.1 models, featuring a bed, mattress, kitchen area (with space for a two burner stove), extendable storage area and a water supply. Another version of the BusBox, not including the mattress, is offered for the Caravelle and California Beach.

The KombiBox is available solely for the Caddy range, and comes with a bed, kitchen area, water supply and cargo space, and owners can specify a folding mattress, too.

Volkswagen camping box 3

James Allitt, Head of Aftersales at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: “Our new camping accessory range makes travel more convenient for customers by combining all travel essentials, from utilities to water supply, in a smartly designed, comfortable and compact space.

“Developing accessories that make our customers’ lives easier is a high priority at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, which is why our one-stop-shop mobile home in a box is a great solution for those planning a camping holiday.”

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