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Breaking news from the world’s most respected journos and best publications is all available here.

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You can now find all of the world’s best reads and latest news at the brand-new Australian website, Automotive Daily.

Built on the foundation of showing you only the best content from the world’s best journalists, Automotive Daily’s reach for exclusive news and reviews is unparalleled. Automotive Daily has access to prototype drives on private test tracks, interviews with top execs at car companies that no one else can get, and reports based on inside knowledge that will explain what new metal is being prepared to roll down production lines.

Joining the world’s best automotive websites at www.autodaily.com.au are evo’s epic journeys from across the globe, published on the newest and most beautifully designed website in the game. Images stretch from edge to edge and premium content comes from all of the best drivers and motoring journalists that you have known for years. Epic drives in Porsches chasing Aston Martins across highland roads, group tests of supercars and luxury vehicles that will only grace each other’s presence once, and testing exotic automotive weaponry on the world’s best racetracks.

And don’t forget the best of our own, with news and reviews of debut metal as it hits Australian roads.

There is, however, more to Automotive Daily than just good looks and dynamic pace; it’s the only place you can go online to see exclusive news, images, renderings, interviews and more from some of the best publications in the world, powered with the might of journalists such as Steve Fowler, Richard Meaden, John Barker, Matt Prior and Andrew Frankel, from over half a dozen publications including evo, Autocar, AutoExpress and more.

The team at Automotive Daily works around the clock to make sure that you can read whatever is happening when it happens, and it is all available for free and online.

Automotive Daily is not another humdrum car blog; it’s where the best content from the best car journalist can always be found.


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