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The Toyota Yaris Hybrid-based Mazda 2 Hybrid will hit the road in Europe early next year, but an Australian launch remains off the cards.

Mazda has confirmed it will be launching a new, hybrid version of its Mazda 2 supermini next year – but it should already be pretty familiar.

That’s because it’s essentially a Mazda-branded version of the latest Toyota Yaris Hybrid, launched as part of a collaboration between the two brands to help advance Mazda’s hybrid and electric vehicle rollout. The Mazda 2 Hybrid will, therefore, be the brand’s first full hybrid model available.

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Set to go on sale across Europe and the UK in right-hand drive Q2 2022, Mazda Australia has no plans to offer the model here as a direct rival to the Toyota Yaris Hybrid that’s available.

The Mazda 2 Hybrid is visually identical inside and out to the fourth-generation Yaris, itself launched in 2020. The only significant difference is the Mazda badging on the front and rear, and on the steering wheel.

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It will be built by Toyota but marketed by Mazda, helping the latter save on development costs yet benefit from reduced fleet average CO2 emissions. The existing, petrol-powered Mazda 2 – which was recently updated for the 2022 model year, will be sold alongside the new hybrid model to offer “customers in the supermini segment the choice of two distinct models, depending on their needs”.

Like the Yaris Hybrid, the Mazda 2 Hybrid is powered by a 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine and a 59kW electric motor for a total system output of 85kW. That’s sufficient for a 0-100km/h time of 9.7 seconds, plus a WLTP-certified combined fuel economy figure of between 3.8L and 4L per 100km, with CO2 emissions as low as 87g/km depending on spec.

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The Mazda 2 Hybrid will also share the Yaris Hybrid’s capability of running on electric power alone for short periods, blending the two power sources together in normal driving. Regenerative braking helps keep the hybrid system’s small battery topped up during deceleration and braking.

Mazda claims that the 2 Hybrid offers ‘comfortable accommodation for up to four adults’ and a 286-litre boot (the same as the Yaris Hybrid). A five-star Euro NCAP crash safety rating is also quoted.

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