2023 Aston Martin DB11 spied as launch nears


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Aston Martin DB11 grand tourer to get major updates, due for its reveal later this year.

Aston Martin is in development of a new DB11 that’s set to receive a collection of substantial changes when it’s revealed later this year. These will include upgrades to its powertrains, suspension, design and interior, enhancing the core Aston Martin model that’s been on sale since 2016.

While the next DB11 will share its basic body-in-white and chassis with the current model, beyond that it’ll be as close to an all-new car as you can get, with significant upgrades to the powertrains and completely redesigned suspension.

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These new powertrains will expand Aston Martin’s technical partnership with AMG, only with new freedom to give the engines more Aston-specific hardware and tuning, similar to what has been done with the Aston-specific V8 in the DBX707.

Despite retaining its main body there will be significant changes to its design, too, with this prototype revealing a fundamental change to the DB11’s front end that replaces the previous forward-opening clamshell with a more traditional set-in bonnet.

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This sits above a much larger and more three-dimensional front grille, with new LED headlights mounted either side. The DB11’s wheel arch strakes will remain, as will its distinctive roof strakes. This prototype is also running a larger 21-inch wheel and tyre package – the DB11 was previously available only on 20-inch wheels.

The interior is also due to undergo its own extensive upgrade, again leveraging a more fruitful technical partnership with AMG that will see the latest current touchscreen MBUX interfaces integrated into the DB11’s interior with unique Aston Martin graphics and software. Through this new electrical interface, the new DB11 will also be fitted with a more modern suite of safety and convenience features that will bring it right up to date against rivals from Bentley and Ferrari.

Aston Martin has confirmed that the new DB11 will debut later this year as part of its 110 year anniversary celebrations, preempting similarly substantial upgrades of the Vantage and DBS that will follow in 2024.

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