2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe: What to expect


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Second-generation Mercedes GLC Coupe is due in 2023 with Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 version to top the range.

This year saw the introduction of the second-generation Mercedes-Benz GLC and like the first model, there will be a Coupe variant with AMG power. We’re yet to see the debut of the new GLC Coupe, but the latest images show the range-topping AMG version won’t be far behind.

Considering the popularity of coupe-SUVs and the fact the GLC SUV is Mercedes’ best-selling car globally, it’s a no-brainer that the GLC Coupe AMG would return.

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Previous spy images of the regular GLC Coupe have shown us the front will offer a near-identical design to the standard SUV model, but with a sleeker headlight unit that blends into the front grille. The grille is made up of dozens of Mercedes three-pointed star logos and there’s a revised lower bumper.

For the AMG model we expect to see a revised grille with the performance variants typical vertical strakes and aggressive air intakes. At the side we’ll see larger brake discs and calipers to cope with the extra performance, along with a bespoke set of wheels and fatter tyres than you see on this test car. The rear of the AMG model looks virtually identical to the normal GLC Coupe test car, aside from the quad-tip exhausts – a staple of AMG models.

Just like the old model, the roof slopes down to the rear to give the GLC Coupe a sportier profile aided by a ducktail spoiler. Like the first-generation GLC Coupe, you can expect a slightly different rear light design to the regular GLC SUV.

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We haven’t seen inside the new GLC Coupe yet, but it should look identical to the regular GLC, albeit with slightly less headroom. Switching to the new MRA2 platform seen on the latest C-Class, the GLC Coupe should be slightly larger than its predecessor, this should result in more cabin and boot space – although it’ll be significantly down on the GLC’s 600 litres of boot space.

We’re also likely to see a central 11.9-inch portrait touchscreen and a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel for the driver, which can be supported by an optional head-up display.

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The recently unveiled second-generation GLC will use electrification for all of its powertrains, ranging from 48-volt mild-hybrids to three different plug-in hybrids with an all-electric range of up to 100km. A fully-electric variant isn’t in the offing, however, with the similarly-sized EQC occupying that space. It’s almost certain the GLC Coupe will be offered with the same range of powertrains as the GLC.

Given the GLC will share a platform with the new C-Class, we expect the new C63’s powertrain to feature in the AMG GLC Coupe. This could mean up to 500kW from a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine supported by an electric motor. A plug-in hybrid capability should also feature.

We expect the GLC Coupe to be fully revealed in the coming months, with a price tag slightly higher than that of the regular GLC.

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