Xiaomi SU7: China’s Taycan rival offers more performance at half the price

It might not be quite as handsome as the Porsche it apes, but with a claimed driving range of 800km and a 3.0-second run to 100km/h, the Xiaomi SU7 should prove compelling

China introduces $107 billion tax-relief package for EV

Electric and plug-in-hybrid cars will be exempted from a 10% sales tax in 2024 and 2025 to boost sales.

Nissan says exporting cars from China could help sales

Nissan is considering exporting cars from China to other markets to make up for lost sales.

“China’s rise has several far-reaching consequences for the global auto industry”

Dr Andy Palmer sees the dramatic rise of BYD as just the start of huge, China-driven change on the car manufacturing scene.

Toyota previews two new electric cars in China

Toyota has revealed a rakish sports crossover and functional family SUV at the Shanghai motor show, and they are two of the 10 Toyota EVs due in China by 2026.

China’s best-selling premium EV green lit for export

Fast-moving Chinese premium EV brand HiPhi has confirmed it will kick-start its move into the other markets, starting with the HiPhi X.