New Tesla Roadster to arrive next year

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says planned Roadster sports car will arrive in 2025 with astonishing acceleration.

Tesla Cybertruck rust issues addressed by Tesla engineer

A Tesla Cybertruck engineer has said that rust appearing on the all-electric truck is merely loose surface-level particles.

Opinion: ‘BYD is rubbing salt into Tesla’s wounds’

Mike Rutherford thinks BYD’s superb start to 2024 is part of the reason Tesla’s market valuation has plummeted.

Two million Tesla’s recalled

Two million US market Teslas will receive a software upgrade to improve the safety of their Autopilot self-driving tech.

Tesla Cybertruck finally reaches customers

The wild-looking electric pick-up truck will be offered in three trim levels.

Lotus reveals rival to Tesla Superchargers

The British sports car maker will start rolling out 450kW rapid chargers in Europe next year.