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Matt Prior thinks Aston Martin’s new ex-Ferrari CEO could help character shine through.

So that’s that: Tobias Moers’ time as the CEO of Aston Martin has ended. I wonder whether in time, as the saying now goes, “recollections may vary” about the whys and hows.

Summaries of the state of Aston Martin already vary. Moers streamlined and made its production lines more efficient, so good has come from the past two years, but the list of motivated and talented people who are no longer on the company’s payroll by their own choosing is both long and telling.

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Ultimately, for the likes of you and me, it will be hard to judge Moers’ tenure, because so few cars have been heavily influenced by him.

From talking to friends and colleagues in the industry, I gather that Moers and Aston Martin didn’t feel like the right fit for each other, but car companies take longer to turn around than sports teams, and replacing the boss if you don’t like recent results means they don’t have much say on the metal that rolls out of the doors.

What I like about Amedeo Felisa, former Ferrari chief and Aston Martin’s new CEO, is that under him, Ferraris were not only brilliant but showed the character of their engineers. There was a real joy and freedom to them, stemming from great people being allowed to do their jobs, rather than being told how to. Let’s hope some of that character flows out of Gaydon.

Matt Prior

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