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Aston Martin has confirmed some new specifications for the Valkyrie AMR Pro, including some new details on its 745kW V12 engine and track-developed chassis.

Production of the track-only hypercar will be limited to just 40 units with the first deliveries scheduled to arrive at the end of the year.

Like the road-going Valkyrie, this track toy is powered by a naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12 engine, although the standard car’s hybrid system has been removed to save weight.

Aston Martin has managed to get 745kW out of the 6.5-litre engine. Similarly powerful cars from Ferrari and Porsche rely on forced induction to reach that sort of power output.

The V12 redlines at a dizzying 11,000rpm and top speed is claimed as 362kW.

The power combined with the Valkyrie AMR Pro’s light weight means the brand claims it can lap the Le Sarthe circuit at Le Mans in three minutes and 20 seconds. Most of the now outmoded LMP1 racers posted times around that benchmark.

Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR ProIn comparison to the road-going Valkyrie, the AMR Pro’s chassis has a 380mm longer wheelbase, 96mm wider track at the front and 115mm wider track at the rear. There are also some new aerodynamic louvres behind the front wheel arches, designed to vent hot air from the brakes.

The larger front splitter and enormous rear wing add a further 266mm to the car’s length, and they’re complemented by a network of underbody aero channels, which pull the car into the track at high speeds. Aston Martin says the aggressive aero package can produce more than 3G in a fast bend, which is approaching the level of a Formula One racer.

Other tweaks include specially developed Michelin racing tyres, Formula One inspired carbon brakes, lightweight carbon fibre suspension wishbones and Perspex replacements for the windscreen and side window glass.

Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro 3Aston Martin’s CEO, Tobias Moers, said: “The entire Aston Martin Valkyrie programme has been an extraordinary adventure in engineering. As an expression of the passion and expertise that can be found within Aston Martin and its closest technical partners, Valkyrie AMR Pro is a project beyond compare, a true ‘no rules’ track-only version.

“The Valkyrie AMR Pro is testament to Aston Martin’s commitment to pure performance and this performance DNA will be evident in our future product portfolio. Nothing else looks like it, nothing else sounds like it, and I am absolutely certain nothing else will drive like it!”

Every Valkyrie AMR Pro customer will also be invited to a dedicated track day experience, where they’ll get driver training from Aston Martin’s instructor team, along with some exclusive racewear and a VIP hosted dinner.

Richard Ingram

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