Audi Q6 e-tron Sportback die in 2024


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The long-awaited Audi Q6 e-tron has been spotted in sleeker Sportback form for the first time.

Audi’s new Q6 e-tron Sportback has been seen testing for the first time, revealing new details about the electric model’s sleeker body-shape. Due to be launched in 2024, probably some time after the standard Q6 e-tron SUV, this coupe-SUV version will be among the first models built from Audi’s bespoke PPE platform that’s been co-developed with Porsche.

The Sportback will come with a more streamlined body, mixing the Q6’s flared arches with a falling roofline and lower windscreen. As with many modern coupe SUVs, the glasshouse is slimmer to the one on the SUV, with the rear tailgate featuring a small integrated rear spoiler to help streamline airflow around the rear of the car at speed.

This car seen seems to be a lower-specification model, with a basic set of LED headlights and smaller wheel sizes. The sportier S-Line models are expected to make up a majority of sales.

Mechanically, very little will be changed on the Q6 e-tron Sportback over the SUV. We already know it will initially be launched in two variants, both with dual-motor powertrains with a 100kWh battery capacity. The base Q6 55 will produce 290kW, with the sportier SQ6 upping this to 375kW. Charging speeds of up to 270kW are expected, which will allow for a 10-80 per cent top up in 30 minutes.

As with the SUV, we expect an RS Q6 Sportback to be available further down the line, with even more aggressive and distinctive bodywork and more punch from its electric powertrain.

We’ve also already seen the new Q6’s tech-laden interior, debuting a new generation MMI tech that will be accessed via a massive 14.5-inch touchscreen. For the first time in an Audi, there’s also a 10.9-inch passenger display, and there’s a new generation Virtual Cockpit.

The standard Q6 e-tron will be revealed in the first or second quarter of 2024, with this Sportback likely to be revealed later in the year.


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