Jack Warrick

Land Rover’s part waitlist problem

Report: 10,000 Jaguar Land Rover cars stuck waiting for parts.

Confirmed: Volkswagen Up! production axed

Volkswagen's tiny city car, briefly offered in Australia, bows out of production after 12 years.

Mercedes introduces fingerprint payment system

The software will initially only be available in Germany at more than 3600 fuel stations, but Mercedes said the technology will make its way to other European markets in the future.

EV acceleration record: 0-100km/h in just 0.956sec

The University of Stuttgart said it produced around 1287kW per tonne, with a peak acceleration of 2g - around the same amount of force felt by astronauts re-entering Earth’s atmosphere.

Armoured BMW i7 electric revealed

Both 7 Series and electric i7 recieve protective glass, a stronger chassis and explosive protection.

Electric Honda Type R EV must ‘maximise pleasure of driving’

Honda technical advisor says Type R will go electric if the current model's "pleasure can be transported"