Jesse Crosse

How AI will allow us to talk to our cars

Google and Continental's system allows us to ask cars questions without taking our eyes off the road.

How brake and steer by-wire systems work in a car

Saving weight and space are just two of the advantages.

From fresh air to fuel? A new e-fuel on the way

Innovative direct air capture technology combines CO2 with green hydrogen to make methanol for e-fuels.

How the Ibis project is making EVs simpler

Ibis project uses package-friendly microinverters to reverse current and remove need for on-board charger.

New engine design is so much better for the environment

The aim is to produce a lightweight, fuel-efficient, 200kW petrol engine to meet the strict US emissions regulations governing light duty vehicles.

The ‘intelligent’ tyre that maintains its pressure automatically

Embedded sensors could remove need for regular maintenance and improve lifespan by 7400km.