Steve Fowler

EV startup Forseven aims to rival Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Jaguar

Forseven's range of luxury EVs are likely to arrive before the end of the decade, with a number of ex-JLR employees leading the design and engineering

Radical Honda concepts hint at future electric cars

Sedan and Space-hub concepts hint at future of Honda EVs, targeting smaller, more efficient batteries and ultra-rapid charging.

“My car brand of the year is….Kia”

Steve Fowler looks back at 2023 and thinks it's been a great year for Kia.

Volkswagen ID.2all concept interior preview

Volkswagen's forthcoming small EV will feature the brand's all-new interior design.

“Lexus has taken a long and tough road to become an elite premium car brand”

Steve Fowler thinks a lot of brands could learn from Lexus as they try to crack the premium end of the market.

Toyota Small Urban SUV concept previews future Volvo EX30 rival

Toyota’s new Small Urban SUV concept is likely to morph into the bZ2X, with Lexus and Suzuki versions to follow.