Bentley Batur inspires Ducati Diavel motorcycle


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Ducati Diavel for Bentley bikes will be limited to 500 bikes, with 50 more receiving extra special treatment from Bentley’s Mulliner coachbuilding division.

British luxury carmaker Bentley and Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati have about as much in common as pork pies and gelato, and yet the two brands have come together to create a delightfully extravagant “two-wheeled work of art” – the Ducati Diavel for Bentley.

It’s based on the new Ducati Diavel V4, which was no wallflower to begin with, but Bentley’s designers worked with Ducati to create a whole new look for the bike, inspired by the million-pound Bentley Batur. Just 18 Baturs were made, all hand-crafted by Bentley’s Mulliner coachbuilding division, with the car’s design said to preview the look of future Bentley models.

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The heavily sculpted lines on the bike’s tank and other components evoke the Batur’s muscular bodywork, while the air intakes on either side have been given a two-tone colour scheme and grille pattern just like the Batur’s. The forged rims that have also been designed and created exclusively for this collaboration look identical to the ones on the ultra-exclusive GT car, and painted in Dark Titanium Satin, with some machined surfaces left visible.

There are even nods to the Batur’s interior, as precise perforations in the rider’s seat reveal the red fabric underneath the black Alcantara upholstery. The traditional Bentley emblem has also been embroidered on the seat, and the dramatic Scarab Green paint comes from Mulliner’s colour palette.

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Other subtle touches include a new dual tailpipe design for the exhaust and many elements like the fenders, headlight cover, and engine, exhaust and radiator covers being made from carbon fibre. The dashboard and LED light cluster on the tail also run through a special animation when the bike is switched on.

That’s what will feature on the 500 examples of the ‘regular’ Ducati Diavel for Bentley, however, an additional 50 bikes called Ducati Diavel for Bentley Mulliner will be receiving extra special treatment. These 50 are reserved for customers of Mulliner and the lucky few who get the opportunity to buy one will be allowed to choose different colours for the saddle, front brake calipers, carbon fibre components and the rims, with the option to pick a totally new colour or one to match the owner’s Bentley car.

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Every Diavel for Bentley will come with a certificate of authenticity, a passenger seat and a motorcycle cover. Riders can complete their look with a special ‘jet helmet’ and jacket that matches the colour scheme of the bike.

The Ducati Diavel for Bentley starts from £58,000 (AUD$110,800)– more than twice the price of a regular Ducati Diavel V4 – and that’s before Mulliner starts showing anyone fancy paint samples.

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