BMW confirms M5 CS to be revealed soon

BMW M boss, Markus Flasch, teases details of the most powerful M5 on an Instagram post.

BMW has confirmed the new, hardcore M5 CS is due to be officially unveiled later this month. The most powerful M5 was briefly teased in an Instagram post by BMW M boss Markus Flasch, but he did confirm certain details such as the 467kW power output. That puts it ahead of the M5 Competition’s 459kW and will mean a 0-100km/h time very close to three seconds dead.

A sign in the background of the Instagram post had the words ‘You shall drift everyday’ written on it, giving a clue as to how BMW sees this car performing.

Coupled with a confirmed weight loss of 70kg over the M5 Competition, it means the M5 CS will be the most focused M5 yet. Details of exactly where BMW has trimmed the weight from remain scarce at this stage, but Flasch did confirm that the M5 CS will feature carbon bucket seats, like in the M3 and M4. However, unlike a lot of lightweight specials, the M5 CS will still feature rear seats so it appears that practicality hasn’t been completely sacrificed for the sake of performance.

Flasch also revealed a few glimpses of some design details that will set the CS apart from the other M5s. Gold bronze highlights feature heavily, appearing on the front grille surround, forged alloys and side strake. The car also gets a subtle ‘M5 CS’ badge on the front grille.

Carbon ceramic brakes are mentioned, including red calipers. Unusually, the car also has yellow headlights, in a nod to BMW’s motorsport heritage.

Although Flasch didn’t mention anything regarding the exhaust or suspension set-up in his Instagram post, we would also expect to see a bespoke performance exhaust and firmer suspension, in line with the car’s performance angle.

The M5 CS will likely command a significant premium over the standard M5. We can expect it to start from well over $250,000, given the price of the current M5 Competition.

Piers Ward

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