BMW exploring M1-inspired electric supercar


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BMW says electric M supercars and stunning halo EV models are ideas they keep exploring.

BMW has hinted it could bring back a car in the vein of the iconic M1, which would take the form of an electrified supercar, as its performance M arm looks to produce further bespoke models.

The division is currently preparing to embark on a rapid-fire electrification programme, with electrified models including future BMW M5 and BMW M3 variants, and a Lamborghini Urus-baiting SUV planned.

But, BMW’s bosses have not ruled out an electric supercar, inspired by the M1, despite shelving an early project three years ago.

In 2019, BMW showed off the outlandish Vision M hybrid supercar concept as an indication of what to expect from its electrified sports cars. At the time, it was tipped to enter production as a spiritual successor to the first bespoke M car.

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Yet, shortly after, reports began to circulate that the project had been cancelled over concerns about R&D costs and low sales potential. The division later revealed the Concept BMW XM SUV as a preview of its actual next stand-alone M car.

However, BMW bosses remain receptive to the prospect of more bespoke M models, which potentially opens the door for revisiting the supercar concept.

BMW M boss Frank van Meel told Automotive Daily Network partner Autocar: “It’s always something we can look at. As car guys, we are always dreaming of making such cars. It doesn’t mean we’ll make them, but we keep exploring those ideas.”

The fact that the Vision M never came to fruition “doesn’t mean we’re not thinking of a super-sports car”, he said. “I’m always trying to figure out how it [would] work.”

Ultimately, the more mainstream XM won out and van Meel said a supercar isn’t absolutely vital for M because “we don’t need to prove we are a sporty company”.

He added: “It was not priority number one, but from the heart it always has a high priority, and that’s what we are always looking at.”

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