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bmw m3 touring teaser video

BMW has released a new Iconic Pack video that teases the upcoming M3 Touring wagon.

BMW might have taken 34 years to do it, but BMW M is finally building an M3 Touring to join the M3 sedan and M4 Coupe and Cabriolet. Its official reveal date is still under wraps, but we’ve been assured that it will reach showrooms in the latter half of 2022, suggesting a full unveiling soon.

In anticipation, BMW has teased the new model, showing the full silhouette in camouflage at the end of its latest Iconic Pack video (below).

Though BMW has given us no more specific information on the new model, it took to social media last year to post three new images of the M3 Touring, albeit in camouflage. The caption ‘Same big power, exciting new shape’ confirms that it will retain the standard M3 Competition powertrain, however, the prototype cars pictured sport no visual differences to the mules previously seen.

This latest video teaser therefore doesn;t really give us anything new, except to suggest that the proper debut is nearing, which is rather exciting for those who lust for a Bavarian rival to the Audi RS4 Avant.

bmw m3 touring front 2022 teaser

It’s only the third time BMW M has built a production Touring, both previous models being based on the larger M5 – first in 1992 with the E34 and 2007 with the E61. Arguably there’s always been a stronger case for an M3 Touring over a M5 variant and clearly someone in Munich has worked this out.

There has been a prototype M3 Touring in the past, back in 2000 when an E46 was produced for test and evaluation but nothing came of it, sadly. For this latest generation, though, it’ll mean that for the first time, an M3/4 model will be available in a total of four body styles, not forgetting the forthcoming option of xDrive all-wheel drive that we suspect will be standard on the Touring.

BMW M3 Touring E46The engine behind those kidneys will be the same S58 turbocharged in-line six-cylinder engine as its coupe and sedan counterparts, but it’s as yet unknown whether the M Division will offer it with the two power outputs currently offered in overseas markets; either 353kW or 375kW for the standard M3/4 and M3/4 Competition respectively. All Australian-market M3s and M4s are exclusively available in Competition form with the standard eight-speed auto; this is something that will remain for Australian-bound Touring models.

With the M3 Touring in the range, it will be the first time BMW will match its rival Mercedes-AMG in all sectors, the Stuttgart firm having offered its current C63 S in sedan, estate, coupe and cabriolet forms since launch. With the new C-Class now here, the AMG derivatives with their four-cylinder hybrid powertrains should arrive at the same time as BMW’s first M3 Touring, too, making for a fascinating twin test.

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