Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 57 homage to Type 57 Atlantic


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The one-off Super Sport 57 will be one of the last Chirons ever made.

The Bugatti Type 57 was designed by Jean Bugatti – son of the firm’s founder Ettore Bugatti and its this unique shape that has inspired a special iteration of the current Chiron hypercar. This is the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport ‘57 One of One’.

It was made for a special Bugatti customer. The American woman that the car is going to has never owned a Bugatti before, but fell in love with the original Type 57 SC Atlantic. Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director at Bugatti, said: “The Type 57 SC Atlantic will always be an icon and this latest homage can proudly sit alongside it on the concours lawns of the future.”

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The exterior tweaks over a ‘regular’ Chiron are five-spoke Super Sport wheels finished in polished chrome with blue accents. That blue colour extends to the main body and is a reference to the grey metallic blue of the original car. On the underside of the rear wing, there’s a hand-drawn silhouette of the Type 57 with ‘57’ and ‘One of One’ lettering. The grille has also been redesigned with polished strakes and a thicker central spine as another reference to the Type 57.

The famous quad-turbocharged, W16 engine features as always, and Bugatti says the revised grille doesn’t detract from the cooling it needs to reach its 439km/h top speed.

Inside, there’s ‘Guacho’ leather upholstery and further Type 57 silhouettes. The door panels are stitched in ‘lightning blue’ and on the centre console there’s a custom insert with ‘57 One of One’. A dancing elephant motif is embroidered on the headrests – a piece of design reserved for Bugatti’s rarest cars.

We don’t know how much Bugatti charged for this one off, although it’s a safe bet it cost significantly more than the standard car’s circa $6 million price tag.


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