Bugatti’s new teaser for “last of its kind” model


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Bugatti will reveal an as-yet-unnamed hypercar that could show the brand’s new design language.

Bugatti has teased a new model – expected to be a variant of the Bugatti Chiron – ahead of its debut at Monterey Car Week. Adding to its teaser earlier this week, Bugatti has released a new video.

Two short video clips published to social media show the silhouetted front and rear end of a car featuring styling radically different to the Chiron.

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The rear end features X-shaped tail lights similar to those on the upcoming Bugatti Bolide track car, linked by a central bar of LEDs.

The latest tweet’s caption – “the last of its kind” – hints that this may be the final Chiron-based model before the next-generation Bugatti is launched.


The fascia features a four-strip LED headlight design integrated into a thin, sharp-edged wheel arch, reminiscent of the track-focused, Chiron-derived Bugatti Divo.

The front end appears to show an open grille area underneath the headlight. Meanwhile, the bonnet features a central pillar and a large duct which is presumably mirrored onto the unseen side of the car.

The sides and posterior of the new Bugatti don’t feature in the teaser clip, but expect something similar to the Chiron on which it’s likely based.

No performance figures have been released by the hypercar maker, but expect something similar to the 1184kW quad-turbocharged 8.0-litre W16 from the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, if not the same engine.

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Pricing for the as-yet-unnamed new Bugatti is expected to match the Chiron Super Sport 300+’s figure of around $5.3 million. A similar limited run of 30 units would also keep exclusivity high.

It’s not alone in using Monterey Car Week for launches: Aston Martin has today revealed its bespoke DBR22 speedster, while Bentley is poised to unveil the Mulliner-made Batur on 21 August.

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