Buying a Tesla? 4pm on a Tuesday is most popular time

More than half of Tesla customers in some parts of the world buy without a test drive.

Tesla says that 4pm is the most popular time of day for people to buy cars from its website, forming the peak of a 3pm-6pm ‘rush hour’ for virtual sales of its Model 3, Model S and Model X electric cars.

The American brand added that Tuesday is the busiest day of the week for its online showroom, with Wednesday coming a close second. All Tesla sales take place online; even those who visit a showroom are walked through the web-based process by an adviser.

But Tesla says that three-quarters of purchases are made from home – a trend that’s likely to accelerate further due to ongoing social-distancing regulations across the world for the next few months.

A fifth of Tesla orders are placed on a mobile or tablet computer, as opposed to a laptop or desktop. The company claims the process can take as little as 60 seconds, thanks to a “good level of standard equipment, and limited additional options”.

Tesla credits its seven-day/1,600 kilometre returns policy with giving up to half of customers in some countries the confidence to buy without a test drive. Worldwide, Germany and the Netherlands recorded the highest proportion of sales without driving the car first.

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In addition to selling cars online, Tesla also offers remote purchase of some options and upgrades, including its “full self-driving” driver-assistance package, enhanced performance tweaks, and even physical features such as heated rear seats in some Model 3 variants.

Stephen Errity

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