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Ian Callum consultancy leads design on new electric delivery bike with 150km range.

The first delivery e-scooter designed specifically for use in the Middle East and Africa (MENA) has been revealed – and the design work has been led by a former Jaguar designer.

Abu Dhabi-based Electric mobility firm Barq, which specialises in the MENA region, has developed the new Rena Max for last-mile deliveries in the region in partnership with restaurant group Americana and delivery platform Jahez. The bike was designed by Callum, the consultancy established by former Jaguar designer Ian Callum.

The Rena Max has a top speed of 100km/h, and features a 9kW electric motor powered by a 5.6kWh swappable battery that gives it a range of up to 150km.

Barq and Callum say the Rena Max has been developed specifically for the challenges offered in the MENA region, with particular focus given to battery cooling, an insulated 79-litre top box to better control delivery qualities through temperature control and a specially textured seat designed to lower heat during prolonged use.

There are also perforated handlebar grips that are designed to be cool to the touch, and UV resistant body panels to further dissipate heat. Those panels are modular so they can be easily replaced if damaged.

The Rena Max rides on 13-inch and 140inch tubeless tyres for better performance on unpaved roads. What’s more, it features an integrated 8.0-inch touchscreen, an electronically controlled locking system that tracks when the box is opened and closed, USE connectivity and daytime running lights. The design would enable a pillion seat to be added in the future.

Barq boss Abdallah Abu Sheikh claims the machine is “the Tesla of the scooter world”. He added: “The opportunity in light mobility is massive globally, but we want to make the first moves with purpose-built vehicles for the Middle East and Africa and we have put together the best minds to do it.”

Production is due to start in late 2022 in an unspecified location in the Middle East, with the aim of producing 50,000 Rena Maxs per year by 2025. The e-scooter will be initially be offered for sale or lease via delivery platforms and leasing firms in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Barq already offers a number of products in the MENA region, including an electric bike for local deliveries and the YAS1 electric drone.

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