Gordon Murray plots urban EV as part of expansion

The Gordon Murray Group (GMG), founded by the eponymous British car designer, has detailed a bold £300 million (AUD$537 million), five-year expansion plan that...

Vegan cars: how veganism and sustainability shape the latest models

We find out how the automotive industry is trying to make more environmentally-friendly cars

Arrival to develop Uber electric car

Arrival, the British EV van and bus manufacturer, has partnered with Uber to launch a new electric car, designed to suit the ride-hailing industry

Williams and Italdesign offer firms ‘turn-key’ EV package

EVX platform can spawn crossovers, sedans and sports cars

IM Motors Airo: designer creates air-cleaning EV

Chinese-built, self-driving electric car features advanced filtration system that removes pollution as it drives

VW Project Trinity to herald car-buying revolution

Level 4 autonomous EV to offer options and extras as post-purchase downloads

Free Porsche Taycan software upgrade boosts performance

Buyers of early Taycan EVs are being offered free software upgrades, improving the car’s infotainment an sharpening up acceleration

Toyota previews new hydrogen racing engine

Adapted ICE powerplant that burns hydrogen, with a potential for future road cars

BMW promises solid state battery by 2025

BMW commits to developing solid-state battery tech that could boost energy density by around 50%

Solid-state batteries could be EV game-raisers

SSBs do away with the flammable liquid electrolyte, which is the main fire hazard in traditional batteries

Volvo expands partnership with Nvidia for self-driving tech

Volvo aims to be the first manufacturer to use Nvidia’s Drive Orin processor to power its autonomous vehicles

The featherweight battery that could revolutionise EVs

Scientists believe that massless energy storage, whereby the car’s body acts as a battery, could reduce the weight of an EV by 50%

Why the torque converter automatic is making a come back

'Slushbox' automatic transmissions are once again being found on new car models - and all in the name of efficiency. The absence of a manual...

Porsche and ExxonMobil to test synthetic fuel for racing

Blend of biofuels developed by ExxonMobil to be tested in the Porsche Supercup this year

Mercedes-AMG reveals 600kW-plus PHEV tech

GT73e 4Matic 4-door to be first flagship plug-in hybrid from AMG


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