“I’d rather a GT2 RS wasn’t about to get 100kg heavier”

I'd rather a GT2 RS wasn't about to get 100kg heavier, but if anyone is going to apply mild-hybrid technology, you'd trust it to Porsche.

“The fresh thinking at Ineos is just what the car business needs”

An all-new car from an all-new car company and not a hint of electrification to be seen – who’d have expected that in 2023? Not many, that’s for sure.

It’s the last roll of the dice for Jaguar

Somewhere within a bunker, deep inside JLR HQ, a crack team is wrestling with a tricky question: how do you solve a problem like Jaguar?

Fiat is helping to rescue the small car from extinction

Who’d have thought, even three years ago, that Ford would just kill off the Fiesta?

The race to electrification is non-existent in South Africa

The sheer number of small cars on the roads, and those that have kept running for decades, offer a different approach to reducing the impact on the environment.

This new EV maker is upstaging Tesla right now

When I was out in the US recently on World Car Awards judging duty, the Lucid Air was one of the first sets of keys I grabbed. And as expected, it was something else.