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96 chevrolet silverado ev

General Motors’ mega-powerful electric truck will take on big-selling new Ford F-150 Lightning in the US.

Chevrolet has revealed an electric variant of its hugely popular Silverado pick-up truck ahead of sales starting in 2023.

The Silverado EV has been developed as an EV from the ground up and is largely unrelated to the existing combustion-engined truck.

98 chevrolet silverado ev

Built on General Motors’ Ultium EV platform, it has a claimed range of 640km – 160km more than the extended-range variant of the Ford F-150 Lightning, its biggest competitor.

The battery pack – which can be specified up to 200kWh capacity – features 120V and 240V charging as well as DC public fast-charging capability.

The dual-motor four-wheel-drive powertrain supplies more than 485kW and more than 1058Nm of torque, allowing for a 0-100km/h time of under 4.5sec.

The Silverado EV RST has a maximum towing capacity of 4536kg – the same as the F-150 Lightning. However, Chevrolet has promised that a future Silverado EV WT will have a towing capacity of 9072kg.

99 chevrolet silverado ev

The Silverado EV features a ‘Multi-Flex Tailgate’ with six different functions to assist loading and unloading. A Multi-Flex Midgate, meanwhile, allows long items to be laid across the loadbed and into the rear of the cab.

The standard load bed, with the midgate and tailgate remaining shut, can fit items up to 1.8 metres long. A sizable boot can be found underneath the bonnet at the front of the car.

Four-wheel steering and parking assist aim to help make the Silverado EV easier to handle in tight spaces and Chevrolet’s Super Cruise system allows for hands-free driving on more than 320,000km of compatible roads across the US and Canada.

95 chevrolet silverado ev

The Silverado EV also features four-corner adaptive air suspension, which automatically adjusts itself to offer smoother rides, while also allowing the driver to adjust the height of the vehicle.

Inside, a 17in infotainment touchscreen with Google connectivity dominates the dashboard.

Pricing is estimated to start at $39,900 (AUD$55,000). That’s the same price as for the standard F-150 Lightning, although for the Ford to reach just 480km of range, you need to spend more on the higher-spec XLT model with the optional Extended Range Battery.

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