Czinger reveals Hyper GT with gullwing doors


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Czinger claims the new Hyper GT, which joins the 21C hypercar, is “the most powerful grand tourer ever produced”.

American hypercar start-up Czinger has revealed “the most powerful grand tourer ever produced” to join its uber-fast 21C hypercar, as it pushes to become an established car maker with “a portfolio like Lamborghini”.

Named the Czinger Hyper GT, the two-door, four-seat sedan concept will get the same 907kW twin-turbocharged 2.88-litre hybridised V8 engine as the more track-focussed 21C, which will be mounted at the front.

Complete with gullwing doors, 3D printed wheels, and camera-operated side mirrors, it commands a hefty price tag of between $750,000 (AUD$1 million) and $1m (AUD$1.46m), but it will be much higher-volume than the 21C, as Czinger plans to build 1000 examples at its headquarters in Los Angeles.

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Dubbed “functional art”, the GT sits in a “new category”, according to owner Kevin Czinger, who, along with son and company co-owner Lukas, revealed their new offering at Monterey Car Week, along with the new Czinger 21C V Max.

At the front, LEDs surround the bottom of the grille, with a low slung, wide nose. A long sloping roofline defines the car’s silhouette, with a high splitter and honeycomb bodystyling rounding off the rear end. The roof also doubles as a window.

“We are using the design language of the 21C, so people will see it as a Czinger vehicle,” said Kevin Czinger.

“The thing really looks like the equivalent of a cheetah or some very sleek yet powerful and strong animal, and it uses that strong [V8] hybrid. So this is going to be, by far, the top performing GT ever built and ever put out on the street.”

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Inside, details are scarce, but it can accommodate four adults “with a lot of leg and head room”, and will be fitted with the latest tech – although details of what this will be have yet to be confirmed.

The Hyper GT will be followed by an as-yet-unknown electric model before 2030.

Chairman Kevin Czinger confirming to Automotive Daily Network partner Autocar that the firm intends to launch a performance model in every segment.

“The original conception of Czinger was to produce that ultimate road-track car [the 21C] that could set all of the records,” said Czinger.

“Then the idea was ‘this could be a really, really cool brand’, with the father-son combination, that creates a whole series of the most off-the-hook vehicles in each of the categories.

“But, you start with something that has the shock effect, like the [21C] hypercar, and then you start looking at these other performance categories and start building vehicles around them in order to build the kind of portfolio that is a real car company.”

Speaking about if the firm models itself on a more established brand, Czinger said: “We don’t model ourselves after anything, but in terms of a portfolio, where you’d have a hypercar, a supercar, a GT, and then other follow-on vehicles, yes I see us like Lamborghini [in that regard].”

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